We are looking for local distributor, dealer partner, who are eager to distribute, sell our WinDirect ERP system, and also manage the implementations and supports. These activities mean close and long-time contact with the partneres. We see that dealing with WinDirect is a remarkable opportunity, software licences and implementations prices are high enough, our partner has disposal of the full implementation and support incomes. There are good comissions for dealer partners.

We have established and trained a team like this in Romania too. They are now working and doing business on their own, and now they have at least 6-7 ongoing projects! That's why our opinion and experience is, that WinDiect is a remarkable business potential!

We are not only looking for IT companies and groups, but also individuals, advisors who have the competence in business processes, work flow, ISO, etc.

If your are interested and eager to cooperate with us, please get in touch with us via email:
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WinDirect is a really particular ERP system. The reason, why WinDirect is really effective for dealer partners, it is open sourced, meaning that the business rule scripts are in open format in the system. This script language is well documented, dealer partners have wide scale of opportunities to provide even the deepest levels of developements, customization, localization for customer companies. There are several features of the system, that are solved at "traditional" ERP softwares by external tools (eg, data mining, data analysis, a variety of designer tools)
WinDirect is multilingual, the whole system can be translated to any languages. Localization might not be a problem. Now English, German, Romanian, Hungarian versions are available.

The system is very strong in production, but CRM, commercial, stocking, warehouse logistics, wholesale, retail, invoicing, finances, controlling, general ledger, quality assurance, service, utilities, work-flow, document management, etc. modules are also very popular.

WinDirect ERP based on its technology and know-how can be successful competitor of any ERP systems on the market nowadays, in your country too. Because it has all the abilities as the market participants and even more! Considering to its price/value rate, WinDirect could be an unbeatable product in your hands!

Our product is really successful on the Hungarian market, we have excellent references, particularly small and medium enterprises. We assume that WinDirect abilities can reach a wider scale of companies in your country as well. Therefore, we can offer good business opportunities.

You can find more information about us here, or about the features of WinDirect ERP system here!